Interesting Initiatives

Every man is interesting in his own way, he is funny, crazy, adventurous and unique. Through our initiatives we wish to unleash their interesting side.

Keep an eye out on this space for here is where everything interesting will happen and you will have a chance to bring out the adventurer within you.

HE Be Interesting

Sometimes in life you can only choose between the hard way and the smart way;
that is when HE Deodorants came along and showed us the best way to get things done, the man way.

That is what makes a man interesting. That is why HE is interesting.

HE Active Endurance

HE Active Endurance Perfumed Body Spray 150ml for Today's Active Men, 24 Hour Odor Protection* 99% Germ Free up to 24 hours#. HE Active Endurance deo is a new addition to the HE Advanced grooming deodorant range which is powerful and effective. It gives you long-lasting, 24-hour protection against odor. This body spray comes with a subtle yet impactful scent that works as long and hard as you do.

*Based on 24 Hours In-Vivo panel test deodorizing efficacy
#Based on in-vitro antimicrobial study of actives used in formulation


HE Passion Mens Perfume is a sensual and masculine fragrance from the Fougere fragrance family. A powerful and refreshing fragrance, HE Passion adds to your charismatic personality & keeps you at your interesting best all day long!


HE Arctic Mens Perfume is a premium deodorant with cooling menthol and refreshing fragrance to give you a cooling sensation and an extra burst of freshness that lasts all day long.

Magic Duo- Angel N Demon

Magic Duo Angel N Demon- Choice is freedom. Set yourself free with HE Magic Duo. Two unique fragrances bottled in one. Experience the dual fragrances in one bottle feature with HE Magic Duo Angel N Demon range for the first time ever in India. Shake it. Spray it. Nail it.

HE Passion Pocket 18ml

Chota size. Chota price. Lamba effect. Your on-the-go deodorant that gives you a long-lasting fragrance effect. Sweat is no more a topic of concern with HE Pocket deodorants.

what's interesting

How to be interesting? How to be HE? It's as simple as being yourself, and doing what you want.

The will to do more than what is needed is what makes a man interesting. Just like Hrithik, read about all the men who have what they need and still go out of their way to help those in need and be the men they want to be.