3 Bikes That Every Guy Would Love To Own!

Bikes and men usually have a nurturing & long-standing relationship. A man, who loves his bikes, will always be looking out for the next big thing. No doubt, bikes are the epitome of masculinity. They make you look – cool and hip and can definitely be a head turner. They are fast, give you great mileage and help you avoid traffic jams. What more could a guy ask for? Here’s a low down on the bikes every guy must have or at least wishes he could have.


1. Yamaha R1:


The R1 is the bad boy from the stables of Yamaha – their flagship sports bike. The bike features a more aggressive riding position, but retains the same old fashioned feel.




2. BMW S1000RR:


The name BMW screams elegance, raw power and style; and the S1000 RR is no different. It comes with high tech features. Radial brakes, ABS traction control, for better endurance and speed. The high tech aluminum framework is a perfect mix of light weight and rigid, giving the rider better control of the bike.




3. Harley Davidson Sportster:


The name Harley exudes confidence and masculinity and the Sportster is no different. The profile of Sportster resembles a typical café racer. It flaunts four stroke, 1690cc, air cooled engines that produces a power of 75bhp and 134Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a six speed gearbox that packs a generous punch.




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