3 Essentials You Need In Your Gym Bag!

A well maintained gym bag will let you pamper yourself at the same time prep you for a post-workout outing. Here are few items that can help you stay fresh even after workout:


1. Anti-fungal Deodorant:


Always remember to pack a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial deodorant. As an anti-bacterial deodorant will help in killing any sweat-related bacteria. A bottle of HE Deodorant can be handy to recharge yourself after an intense workout.




2. Exfoliating Wipes:


Go for the one’s which contain glycolic acid, menthol and aloe vera, as it acts as an astringent to kill bacteria. The combination is effective in cleansing oily skin, open-pores and reducing dullness which makes it suitable for various skin types.




3. White Clay Body Cleanser:


Clay body cleanser has a richer consistency than that of a regular cleaner. Oil-absorbing clay will help you get rid of those impurities and penetrate in your pores.




Always remember to go for a water-proof gym bag that’s big enough to fit in your gym shoes, shorts and above mentioned items. Happy Gymming.

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