Is Christmas just about going to the Church and wishing your secret Santa to surprise you with a present? No, it is more than that, in fact. It’s about celebrating and enjoy the day with those who you share your time with most. And who else better than office colleagues for this. Here are some of the games you can play with them during Christmas.

1.Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay :



It is a popular Christmas game where team members race to draw the popular Christmas Carols. The team that finds out where the carol is, they have to start singing them to win the points. To double the fun, try to get more number of Christmas Carols—these songs should be popular among everyone, otherwise there will be no participation from them. Have songs for at least two rounds of the game.


2.Candy Canes :

For this, you’ll need a deck of cards, pencil and paper, and candy canes. Out of everyone present, select a dealer, have him/her shuffle the cards and draw out four cards to each other. Place the remaining cards in front of the dealer. Place the candy canes in the centre. The number of these canes should be 1 less than the number of players.



If you get 4 of a kind in your hand, you can take a candy can. Once the first Candy Cane is taken, the rest of the game goes on until all the Candy Canes are taken and the last player is left out.


3.Christmas Find Out Who Game :



This game is the best if you are seeking an ice-breaker session with someone. This will get people talking and mingling and knowing about each other. Or you can use it as a competitive game to talk to people; it will look innovative and smart. To make it more exciting, make the game harder – guests can use another person’s name for only one answer.

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