In the latest day and age with the increase advances of science and technology, the world is more accessible than ever. With the right amount of money, you can take a plane and travel to destinations on the other side of the planet in less than a day’s time. From exclusive clubs to military bases, there are several locations which have been barred for the use of general population, here are a few:

Snake Island:

Image Courtesy: All That Is Interesting
Image Courtesy: All That Is Interesting

Located off the coast of Brazil, Snake Island is a small island that is inhabited by 4,000 of the deadliest snakes on the planet. The risk is so high that the Brazilian Government decided to ban visitors from any access to the island. Think they are over-reacting? The venom of these snakes is so powerful it has the ability to melt human flesh!

The Coca-Cola Vault:

Image Courtesy: Everest Skydive
Image Courtesy: Popular Mechanics

Coca Cola hasn’t compromised in keeping their secret formula safe from prying eyes! This modern age high tech vault holds the key to billions of revenue – yes, the recipe that only a few people have ever seen and know. Though the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta showcases the secret formula but the full recipe will remain locked up in this vault.

Area 51:

Image Courtesy: Coca Cola Company
Image Courtesy: Coca Cola Company

Area 51, located in Nevada approx. 80 miles from downtown Las Vegas, is one of the most secretive and heavily protected areas on planet Earth! The purpose of Area 51 is still not clear however it is rumored to be used for the research and development of experimental aircraft and weaponry.

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