4 Awesome Things To Do In The Rains!

There are basically two kinds of people when it comes to rains. The first one is the kind of people who stay at home, complain about how everything is so wet and dirty around them, and sulk about how the rains ruin their day. The second one is the sporty kind of people, who want to get out there and cherish every bit of the rains! If you fall in the second category, here are four super fun activities to do in the rains!


1. Play A Game Of Football:


Probably the most fun sport to play in the rains! Most people don’t really care whether they slip and fall or hurt themselves, but there’s nothing like playing a game of football in a ground near to you, or even on the beach!




2. Road Trips:


If you’re looking to experience the true beauty of rains this monsoon, take a drive to the outskirts of your city! Plan a trip with your friends and experience the greenery of the closest hill stations at its best! All you need is a car or bike. Tank it up, stock it with travel essentials and voila!




3. River Rafting:


When the dark clouds roll in, and the rains fall to its heaviest, people often ask the question, “Is it safe to go river rafting?” Well the answer is YES! The water levels of the river rise up only to make your ride more fun. The rains are only going to soak you before you hit the river and the boat. But once you begin, it’s one of the most exciting experiences ever!




4. Trekking:


This one’s more of an adventure to go for! Take a hike with a couple of friends on a mountain close by! You’ll get a lot of hurdles and difficulties on your way, but that’s the whole fun of going in the rains. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes, a strong rope, a medical kit, food and water! Wander free through the tall grass dodging the rocks and the pebbles and make the most out the rains to fulfill your lust for travelling.



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