4 Colour Combinations that will definitely work for you

Since guys are always confused as to which colour will look good on them, we have put down 4 colour combinations that always work and would go with any outfit you choose to wear:


1. White & Cobalt-blue:


These 2 colours complement each other very well. You can team up a white button down shirt with cobalt-blue pants and you are ready for your office! Team it up with a black belt for formal appeal and brown leather belt for a casual look!




2. Cherry Red & Grey:


This combination will look good on men with fair complexion. Team up a cherry red tee with grey trousers or visa-versa and remember to finish off the look with a good pair of shoes.




3. Chocolate & Navy:


This duo can literally be worn in every possible shade; you will rarely go wrong with it. Jackets, sweaters, ties, pants, scarves, overcoats; can be worn in any combination of chocolate and navy. You can layer your outfit or can go for simple shirt/tee and jeans duo.




4. Pink and Ash:


Bright colours generally go wonderfully well with a grey palette, but pink with ash is an optimal marriage of male and female colours. It can make you look suave as the combination gives one a well-bred look. Remember to finish the look with dark coloured wayfarers for a day out with your guys.




Remember to try and experiment with tints and hues and matching shoes, because your outfit will always look rad with carefully picked out shoes.

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