Every New Year is a new beginning and it offers you a chance to press the ‘reset’ button once again and transform your living standards. If you are done hogging on to the crisps or gulping down drinks, let 2018 start with fresh, healthy food and fitness goals.


1.Get walking :

If you have been sitting on the couch of your home watching Netflix, then you need to get up now and start walking out of the door. This is the quickest way to get off the block on the journey to a healthier you. There is a reason why running is considered to be the most popular exercise on the planet; it helps you build resilience and stamina to deal with the strenuous activities you face during the day and improves your overall fitness.



2.More you snack, more you lose :

You heard that right. Stick to limited number of meals and compliment them by having short healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts so that you don’t feel hungry or the craving to eat junk. The idea is not to skip meals, because research shows that skipping meals lead to complications such as increase chances of diabetes amongst many.



3.What you see is what you make of yourself :

The most happiness part of staying fit is to see the results. When you find out that 34 is no more your waist size, but 32 is, the feeling is inspiring. So, make sure you keep your hair body trimmed, a mirror and camera with you. Keep clicking pictures and see yourself transform. This will give you extra motivation to work out furthermore.


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