Every year, Environment Day is celebrated in an ironical way. We express our concerns about the environment over coffee, whose production has a knock-on effect on the environment. We teach our kids the ways of protecting the environment while driving them to school in our private cars, which is also a main contributor to air pollution. These instances are the real endorsers of the phrase ‘Easier said than done’ in the context of environment preservation.


This environment day, let’s stop preaching and start acting towards the betterment of the environment. Perform these four activities and contribute a little in the overhaul of the environment.

1. Travel by public transport:

Image Courtesy: OhFact!


It’s time where you switch from luxury to responsibility. Travel by a public transport and vow to use it more often than usual. Insists your relatives and closed ones to do the same. It will help not only in conserving natural resources and reducing air pollution, but also benefit you economically.


2. Plant a tree:

Image Courtesy: Bamboo Forest


Contribute your bit to a greener and healthier environment by simply planting a tree in your garden. Put a spade in the soil and water it daily. If space is a problem, then you can simply start with a sapling or potato in a bag. This will help you connect with the nature and make you a responsible citizen.


3. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle:

Image Courtesy: Nurturing Green


Environment Day is an ideal day to inculcate this habit in your daily routine. These 5R’s are the magical mantras when the conservation of environment is concerned. Refuse to buy products that harm the environment; reduce the usage of these products; reuse the products if possible; choose the renewable resource over non-renewable ones; and recycle the basic materials such as paper, plastic ,etc. you can.


4. Choose your fish wisely:

Image Courtesy: Times of India


Excessive fishing practices are leading to the depletion of fish practices, destruction of habitats and polluting the oceans. This practice is a high contributor to environmental damages. As informed citizens, we should take necessary steps to turn this tide. We should compromise on our preferences and instead consume fishes that are present in abundance and are farmed in environmentally friendly way. This will support fisheries and assure a healthier ocean wildlife.

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