4 Ways To Get Fit And Stay That Way

So you are done with the hard part, you put all that effort to get in shape; but now for the hardest part, staying in shape as the life goes on. Here are few tips, to get you started with:


1. Body-weight Training Routine:


A body-weight training workout can easily be done when you are stuck doing your 9-5 job or are travelling. It is the easiest way to keep fit.




2. Get A Work-Out Buddy:


When you get a friend of yours to exercise with, the competitive aspect comes out and hence you end up working out more than you would do when you are accompanied by someone else.


Image courtesy: www.fotosearch.com.br
Image courtesy: www.fotosearch.com.br


3. Make It Fun!:


You can always make your work out fun. Randomize your sets and also the number of times you do them. If you are a hardcore machinist then try and learn one new cross-fit or free weight exercise.


Image courtesy: www.defalcochiropractic.com
Image courtesy: www.defalcochiropractic.com


4. Avoid Steroids:


You don’t need performance enhancing drugs to win. You should just get off your butt and start exercising!



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