India is a home to many places that could surely run chills down your spine. Some of these places are human-made while have been naturally done since its inception. Although dangerous and risky, these places will surely give you thrills.

1. Phugtal Monastery :

Image Courtesy: Terraroko

This dreamlike Monastery, also known as the Phugtal Gompa, is located in Ladakh and has a structure of a honeycomb cut into the side of the Cliffside. A difficult climb to the destination and very limited sources for food make this a journey you should prepare yourself to go to. The unimaginable heights are common for the locals, but tourists like you might have a difficult time.

2. Bastar :

Image Courtesy: Link Livros

This place in Chattisgarh is residence to stunning and wide-ranging forests and rivers. The unmanned woodland is also an ideal spot for guerrilla activity, making this paradise a centre of Naxal movement. Numerous attacks and fights in the region have ensured low footfalls but high body counts.

3. Dras :

Image Courtesy: Skymetweather

Prominently known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’, Dras in J&K is the second coldest habitable in the world. It is known to be one of the spots attacked during the Kargil war and being a high militancy area. So, if you’re lucky to not get shot down by a military incursion, you still have to deal with hypothermia.

4. Thar Desert :

Image Courtesy: Saffron Dreams

This perpetual sandscape might be stunning, but its beauty comes with a cost. The scorched and arid conditions make it for difficult travelling even if you’re well fuelled with water and food. Adding to the surprise, there is also the presence of the Saw Scaled Viper- the large Rat Snake, Black Cobra, Sand Boa, wild cats and other creatures just waiting to welcome you.

5. Khardung La :

Image Courtesy: Prime Destination

This world’s highest motorable road is situated in Ladakh and is a 3-hour drive up from Leh. The roads wind and the high altitude and direct sunlight converge to give most people’s journey a run for their money. Sometimes things even go beyond tummy trouble, but hope that it doesn’t happen.

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