5 Fashion Choices For Men In The Monsoons

There are a lot of shoddy, baggy and large unattractive looking outfits for men this rainy season. Rains do a lot of damage to you, from colds to wet phones, and clothes that itch more than they comfortably sit on you.


Generally, fashion for monsoons is the last thing that is on a man’s mind, when he goes shopping for, say, rain coats, plastic phone waterproof-cases, mud boots and other items to prepare for the rains However this statement does not hold true for the real fashionista’s out here.


Here’s an idea of what can work while still remaining chic, elegant and practical!


1. Trench Coats:


Few items in a man’s wardrobe are as classic, stylish and versatile as the trench coat is. These days its function is no longer just limited to shielding us from the rain. With major upgrades in colours, details, materials, and proportions, the trench has become a statement piece in its own right




2. Footwear:


Since it isn’t Indian tradition to wear gloves when the weather turns cold, footwear is present to help keep the style quotient in. If you’re planning on going formal, then fashionable sandals with straps will do you good and hold your feet when wet. Shoes are definitely a terrible decision in the rains, and you might just fall sick after a couple of days in. As far as slippers are concerned, Crocs are the all time favourite! They also come in much fashionable ways now!




3. Umbrellas:


These days, trench coats and wind-cheaters are in fashion for Men for the rains. However, if you absolutely need an umbrella, go for a masculine look. These include, deep colour handles, faux-wood preferably. Dark umbrella tops, grey and black being the ideal shades, perhaps a burgundy or any other deep-hued shade you feel doesn’t look girly.




4. T-Shirts:


T-shirts are always great to throw on and take off, especially when you know you’re going to get slightly drenched in the rains. Match them with your Trench coats and wind-cheaters and you’ll have yourself matching the European style! The fashion match can keep you warm and practical in the rains!




5. Sweaters:


Let’s look at the other side of rains now, the side where its freezing cold! These sweaters aren’t the lousy slip-on’s that make you look all strung up at the neck and wrists while leaving your waist all narrowed in an weird way. A good designer sweater can make all the difference! Not only does it keep you warm, but you can tailor it to wear it with one of your best suit, that matches with a nice shirt and a pant!


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