5 FIFA World Cup Inspiring Hairstyles

The FIFA World Cup 2014 left us all a huge impact indeed, and so did the hairstyles of some of the players! Here’s a list of 5 players with hairstyles that inspires everyone to pull off today.


1. Raheem Sterling’s Top Mop:


The 19 year old English midfielder who’s only gaining his fame now, definitely sports his age with that cloud of hair on his head! It’s got volume, height and the enviable ability to remain undisturbed despite Brazil’s weather. The best part about this side buzzed look is that it’s unisex!




2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Supportive Scar:


Portugal’s super star Cristiano Ronaldo; allegedly has a heart of gold. His originally standard long-on-the-crown-buzzed-on-the-sides do now has a unique zigzag shape shaved into its side. Rumours say that Ronaldo did this to show his support for a young boy whose brain tumour removal surgery would create a similar shaped scar. Well, be it true or not, the hairstyle has definitely made an impression!




3. Asamoah Gyan’s Notorious Numeral:


This Ghanaian pro is extremely proactive in setting a trend that might catch on among his fans. His jersey number (3) is shaved into the side of his head, while the rest of it features an epic Mohawk! This isn’t it though. Gyan recently dyed the number gold to represent the colour on his country’s flag. I guess hair tattoos like these carry a lot of significance too!




4. Olivier Giroud’s Barbered like Beckham:


The French forward seems to be taking his hairstyling instructions from Beckham – neatly cut, slick and gelled all the way behind. It’s no fuss and easy to maintain on the pitch, and boldly shows off his manly chin and killer cheekbones! This hairstyle has gained more popularity now!




5. Neymar Jr: Frosted Tips/ Palm Tree:


The young Prince of Brazilian football Neymar Jr is surely one of the top most followed stars this year not only on the field but in the salons as well! Neymar has always been the one with the interesting haircut. This peppy and funky hairstyle with longish fringe on top, middle and end of his head while the sides are neatly shaved, clearly defines his agile and quick nature on the field!




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