5 Hairstyles For The Summer

With the summer season here, it’s time to think about what the current hairdo styles that would give you the most sleek and neat look! It’s not just your outfit that requires a redo; your hair needs to an upgrade, too, and it is definitely a more impactful mean to transform your look. However, there are a few crucial summer hair trends for men! Have a look at the best and easy-to-do hair styles that you could pull off this Summer!


1. The Top Knot:


Call it what you want! A man bun, a mun, or let’s just give it a cooler name, The Topknot! If you’ve got a lot of hair, it’s time to get the art out of the mess and hit the summer sun in the right note. Grow your style out, get the bohemian out in you and hang it in a loose bun, held together with some hairspray and a rubber band.




2. The High And Tight:


The buzzcut has undergone something of a revival this summer. Keeping your hair super short on the sides and neatly cropped on the top, makes for a cool, low-maintenance look when the weather warms up. For any man with a slim face and strong features, be it clean-shaven or not, the high and tight style is super sharp!




3. The Pompadour:


The ever-present pompadour hairstyle is going nowhere! It conquered people’s hearts and their heads across the world in 2014 and will continue to do so in the summer of 2015. The main difference here is that, the sides and back fades into the skin, giving it a sharper look to the hairstyle. Set yours with plenty of hairspray and you’re good to go!




4. The Buzzcut:


We all agree that the summer months are the best time to shave your head. The idea is to make way for new, healthy and balanced hair when the summer is over! Taking the buzzed route will definitely keep you cool during the scorching heat and possibly you’ll feel lighter than ever!a4


5. The Slick Back:


Don’t be misled by the high shine finish that this style gives you, the Slick Back actually works well for the summer! It will stay in place all day and also keep that hair off your face. In case you need to modify it, not only can you use different products to achieve a different finish – from wet look to high shine – but you can also alter how you choose to style the hair; quiffs and pompadours look great with a bit of gloss.




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