5 interesting things to do on a weekend!

If you have a job, you know how much you long for a weekend. But when the weekend gets here, you have absolutely no idea what to do and end up sleeping it out until the week begins again. So we are here to help you with things you could do on a weekend and make the most of it.


1.Learn Martial Arts:


You don’t have to try and become the next ‘Bruce Lee’, but learning martial arts can be fun. The point of learning it should be a way to release stress and learn a new skill. Not to mention you can brag about it to the ladies.


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2.Visit an Archery/Shooting Range:


What can be cooler than being able to proudly say that you know how to hit the bull’s eye with a bow and arrow or know how to use a gun well? Don’t get us wrong, mastering these can be difficult, but if you are up to the challenge, this is another one of the amazing skills to master.


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3.Road trip:


Yes, the week was difficult and tiring, but a road trip that spans a couple of days will not only refresh you but also lift up your spirits. You could go alone, with your buddy or with a group; what matters more is making a decision and riding off to a perfect weekend.


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4.Wine tasting:


As classy as it gets, wine tasting isn’t for everyone. But if you develop a taste for the finer things in life, wine has to be a part of that list. There are many restaurants that offer wine tasting along with vineyards that offer such experiences that are definitely worth experiencing.


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5.Try Adventure Sports:


Add a little adrenaline to your weekend and get your heart racing. Try out bungee jumping, off-roading, base jumping, paragliding or countless other adrenaline sports that will surely make your weekend interesting.


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Have any more wacky ideas for things to do on the weekend, let us know in the comments below.

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