5 tips to a good body

In today’s time, staying fit is all the rage and everyone wants to look their best with chiselled bodies. Of course getting that perfect body is a lot harder than it looks. We’re here with a few tips that will make attaining that body a tab bit easier.


Consistency is the key:


A lot of us join gyms with the aim to get that perfect body. But as time passes by, boredom and laziness take over and we tend to skip the gym for a day and slowly and steadily, we stop going to the gym altogether.If you truly do want that perfect body, commitment and consistency is important; only then can you think of getting a body that is truly out of this world.



Warm up instead of stretching:


Stretching is a good way to loosen and warm up your bodybefore starting a workout. But if you choose to hit the treadmill first instead and jog for around 5 – 10 minutes, you end up getting a cardio routine done and warming up the body.Doing this will not only leave you a little more awake and energetic but also get your body ready for the workout that will follow.



Workout companions certainly help:


Working out can be difficult and tasking, and without company it can get boring too. Working out with a buddy helps in more ways than you can imagine. They give you someone to keep up with or compete with, they give you a hand when you’re losing strength and most importantly they give you that much needed boost when you feel you can’t make it through a rep. So if you can, get a buddy and power through the workouts every day.



Patience my friend, patience:


One fact all gym goers need to accept is that the changes they are looking for and working hard towards won’t show overnight. They might not even show within a month, and attaining that perfect body you saw on the cover of a magazine will take months or maybe even a year of hardwork. In those times, when things seem bleak, patience is important and is the only way great things are achieved.



Track your progress:


As we just said, the changes won’t show overnight, but very soon things will start to change and you will see it. Irrespective, track your progress from day one. Whether you track your weight and measurements everyday or every week, make sure you track it. Because over time when you compare it to what you started with, the feeling of accomplishment and seeing how far you’ve come will be incomparable.



Bonus tip – Music:


If you don’t happen to have a workout buddy, music is your next best thing. Music really does help you get through the workout from the get go and is definitely something you want with you so you don’t feel dull. Just make sure you get something wireless or where the wires don’t come in the way of your workouts.


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