Five best Indian football players of all time

A huge number of people in the country play and enjoy the game of football. While football was earlier limited to the states of Bengal, Punjab, Kerela and Goa. Now with the introduction of the Hero Indian Football League and others with prominent names backing the game and players with a high salary, the popularity has only increased.
But there are some of the greatest players in the country who have brought the game alive and to the forefront.
Here are five of the best Indian football players of all time –


1. Baichung Bhutia :


The most revered and famous football player with excellent skill, Baichung Bhutia hails from Sikkim and is popularly known as the ‘Sikkimese Sniper’. Furthermore, he is also described as ‘Gods gift to Indian football’.


Image courtesy – The indian express


2. Sunil Chhetri :


Assuming the mantle after Baichung’s retirement, the Indian born Nepali, Sunil Chhetri continued the great work and earned name & fame in a record time. With the ability to surpass the record of Bhutia, Chhetri is currently the most expensive player in Indian Super League.


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3. Peter Thangaraj


He is a legendary player who died on 24th November 2008 at 72 years. Peter Thangaraj was popularly known as Indian Football team’s towering custodian, due to his thin figure and tall height.


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4. Sailendra Nath Manna :


Known as Sailen Manna among his fans, Sailendra Nath Manna was the Indian team’s former captain. Also, he was one of the best defenders produced by the country so far. It was his powerful free kicks that earned him great fame.


Image courtesy – wikipedia


5. Gostha Pal


A legendary player and an incredible defender, Gostha Pal played for the team barefoot. With a Bangladeshi origin, he was compared to that of the Chinese Great Wall and played from the Right Back position.


Image courtesy – Sportskeeda


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