Five Watches Every Man Should Own

In truth, today no man really needs a watch since we all started carrying mobile phones, accurate timekeeping is now just an awkward fumble in your pocket away. But telling the time is merely one function of a watch.


Nowadays, wearing a watch is more about making a style statement rather than just keeping a check on time. Here are five watches that every man should definitely own:


1. Rolex:


Sometimes you need a watch to talk about something other than what time it is or how much you paid for it. There are a number of watches that work as unusual conversation pieces and a Rolex around your wrist definitely does the trick.




2. Bvlgari:


One of the saddest things about the ubiquity of cell phones is that they’ve made men think they don’t need to wear a wristwatch anymore. “You can just look at the time on your phone,” these men say. But a wristwatch is more than just a time-telling device. A watch means that you’ve really put your outfit together and women find that extremely sexy.




3. Omega:


This is going to be your go-to watch for most occasions. A wristwatch worn at a business meet helps give you the impression of stability and reliability. Wearing a watch also says that you’re prompt and punctual without being shackled to your BlackBerry. It’s much more dapper to glance at your wrist to check the time if a meeting’s running long, than to dig a phone out of your pocket.




4. Hublot:


A great classic work watch is the Hublot. A popular watch from one of the world’s great watchmakers, this design was originally introduced in the early nineties and remains a classic piece to this day. What makes this watch work is the simplicity of its design. A work watch should do nothing but tell the time – it shouldn’t distract you with too much information, and the Hublot is a true example of that.




5. Cartier:


Cartier is a masterpiece of engineering and inspired thinking. The Cartier watch is an object of unquestionable beauty. If you don’t want to own this exquisitely crafted time-keeper, you can be called a fool for certain!




So make sure you keep yourself in-vogue!


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