While many of us are always concerned about losing weight, there are some who are actually concerned about putting it on. These people often complain about incompetency of gaining weight despite heavy amount of food consumption. The reason behind this is not the amount only, but the type of food they consume. Here are some foods skinny people should consume to put on muscle mass.


1. Rice :


Image Courtesy: Epicurious


Rice is, by far, the most accessible food available that can be prepared easily without any hassles. Also, one must not restrict to only brown rice, white rice works fine too. Both the types are fuelled with high percentage of carbs and high calories, making it a perfect food for those who seek weight gain.


2. Nuts (Peanut Butter) :


Image Courtesy: Yogurtland


Peanut Butter or nuts are dense in calories that come in handy and considered as the best ‘anytime snack’. They are easy to carry and holds a long shelf life. The best part about nuts its rich content of fats, carbs and protein. The fats are the essential ones that our body needs regularly, but mind that you don’t go overboard with it. Make sure they are free from artificial flavours and sugar.


3. Starch vegetables and carbs :


Image Courtesy: Verywell


The thing about starchy vegetables is that they are rich in calories. The main motive for those who is looking to put on weight is to increase the daily calorie intake. For this, they need to include as much calorie dense food as possible. Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, beans, oats, corn etc. have high calorie content. They should include a combination of these items in your everyday meal plan.

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