Four best comfort foods for summer

Everyone knows that summer’s the perfect time to switch to flip-flops, but does anyone know it’s also the right time to change your diet? Being outdoors more often and sweating ups your risk for health problems such as dehydration, skin sensitivities, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The most simple and delicious solution is to eat local, in-season fruits. Their nutrients are at their peak in the summer. But they’re not the only foods that will help your body look and feel its best during the hottest time of year.

Here is a list of four summer foods that can help you deal with the warm weather –




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While tomatoes are filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C, they also contain beneficial phytochemicals such as lycopene, which contribute to chronic diseases, especially cancer.




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Part of the summer squash family, zucchini contains a fibre called pectin, which is linked to increasing heart health and lowering cholesterol.




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Watermelon is a hydration hero, and fluids are exactly what you need when the heat is on. Watermelon’s high water content keeps you cool and hydrated. That same high water content will also keep you feeling full, which could curb cravings. As an added summer bonus, watermelon also contains lycopene, which protects skin cells from sun damage.


4. Yoghurt :


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Protein-packed, portion-controlled and easy to tote in your beach bag (just freeze a cup before you go, so it stays cool until you’re ready to snack), yoghurt is made for summer eating. The protein satisfies your growling tummy, which will keep you from overloading on salty, high-calorie snacks at your barbeque. Yoghurt also adds a dose of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that keeps your digestive system running smoothly.


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