Four Monsoon grooming tips for men

A season of ups and downs, monsoon serves a much- needed relief from the summer heat but also bring its own legion of skin care problems. As soon as monsoon hits, women begin preparing for grooming and skin care tips to handle the season. Since the rains can also leave men’s skin dull and lifeless. So boys, if you want healthy skin and clean hair this rainy season, its time you keep some grooming essentials ready.

Here are a few monsoon grooming tips for men –


1. Wash it off :


If you find your skin turning oily day-by-day, its the monsoon humidity you have to blame. Turn around some things by simply using a face wash that’s right for your skin. Picking the correct facewash is the first step to your skincare routine, as it cleanses your skin thoroughly, and removes oil leaving you with bright and healthy skin.


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2. Groom the ‘stache :


Is facial hair your pride and joy? Then it is especially imperative that you take good care of it to save it from looking scraggly and ruin the look. So, it is best to add a shaving kit and trimming scissors to your grooming bag. It is recommended to keep the edges of your beard and moustaches tidy while managing unkempt eyebrows as well.


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3. Smell like a delight :


Fabrics that don’t let your body breath come together with humidity are a scary combination. So make sure that you pick the perfect body perfume for yourself before monsoon leaves you sticky and smelly. A perfume will help you stay fresh for hours to go without making you smelly.


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4. Clean to the core :


Monsoon can leave your hair looking greasy and grimy by the end of the day. For that its time that you pick the right shampoo and conditioner to your hair care routine. One that stimulates the scalp, refreshes it from the root and leaves it shiny. Even with a greasy scalp in the sticky monsoon heat, there’s none better than this pair!


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