Utkarsh Tandon – 15 year old who developed ring to monitor body movements of Parkinson’s Patients

They say big surprises come in small packets, which is reiterated by this 15 year old boy who has made a tiny device which can detect symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Utkarsh Tandon, the name behind this path-breaking technology is an Indian American from California and is currently in High School.

What started as a science fair project has now turned into a device that would help millions of patients suffering from Parkinson’s. The model named ÓneRing’ is a plastic ring which consists of a microchip. Using an algorithm, the ring classifies the wearer’s movements and records them. The motions are categorised into three levels- Dyskynesia, Bradykinesia, and tremor. The recording is sent to an app, which compiles the data into a daily report. The data is sent to the patient’s doctor, allowing him or her to monitor the symptoms and modify the treatment accordingly.

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