Aarnav Aggarwal

We always wonder that, what a young child can do about issues that are actually macro in nature. But Aarnav is one such young, 17 year old young boy whose interest and dedication to know about the issues of farmers and suicide reasons in Vidarbha breaks all the set norms. When he was about 14, he visited Vidarbha as he wanted to interact with the farmers. The only reason was, he was shocked was to repetitively hear the news of increase rates of farmer suicides. But however, it was a difficult journey for him to know about their problems as none of them thought that a young boy could do anything for them. Soon he came across ‘UjjBhav’ an initiative that works towards the betterment and day to day problems of these farmers. Today, Aarnav who is just 17 works with them manages report work, along with providing solutions for these farmers. At such a young age, when children do tend to be carefree, Aarnav dedicated himself to work towards the society and these farmers which is commendable.

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