Abhishek Mishra

29-year-old, Abhishek Mishra who finished his complete education and successfully bagged a high end job in a corporate company. Even though he liked his job, there was something that was always holding him back. He tried his best to become the master at what he did but in this battle, he realized that he could achieve this only when he was happy while working. He quit his job and decided to take up his love for triathlons. He became the first Indian to complete the 161 km run in the Kutch desert – ‘Run the Rann’, and is currently training for the Ironman. In his efforts to spread awareness about fitness, he started his own company called Tabono Sports & Entertainment Pvt Ltd., which focuses on structured health and employee engagement programs for corporates. They are also a running, cycling, triathlon and sports event management consultancy.

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