Ashok Sangle

Ashok Sangle quit studies after Class 10, because of weak eyesight. To make ends meet, he decided to set up a small electronics shop. However, he also realized that he wanted to continue playing the flute. He worked it into his schedule and began to practice for at least 7 hours on a daily basis. The strenuous work hours didn’t bother Ashok because that was something he wanted to do.’ In 1990, he underwent a cataract operation, and in 1994, he refused to give up and eventually went on to perform at the local level. Apart from the flute, Ashok also plays the mouth organ player, and when he was in his 20s, Dilroop Swami taught him how to play the Sitar. Ashok can even sketch—some of his sketches date back to 1960s. While his journey has had several disastrous moments and transitions, Ashok never gave up. “I will play the flute forever and encourage everyone to do what they feel strongly about because nothing fuels the spirit like the passion” advises Ashok

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