Asra Garg

The number of articles praising Asra Garg was quite high. It is not very often that we come across such police officers who go beyond their call of duty and help people. Asra is an IPS officer of the 2004 batch and was initially posted at Tirupatthur as Assistant Superintendent of Police. Many of those who hail from rural areas borrow money from local moneylenders, who in turn end up charging a very high-interest rate. Banks are wary of giving loans to those who belong to the unorganised sector. These people, unfortunately, become the target of the unrelenting moneylenders. To attack this problem, Asra and his able team put together an elaborate plan. While most members of the police service wait for a complaint to be made before taking action, in this case, the police were extremely vigilant and proactive. Asra has over the last decade earned an excellent reputation and is also known as a police officer who is exceptionally pro-constitution. He is now serving at the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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