Dev Kumar Verma

Education, still is somewhere considered of least priority in many parts of our country. The list of reasons can range from lack of financial assistance, lack of facilities and so on. The point is are we doing anything for this? Dev Kumar Verma, who hails from Jharkhand noticed that many of the children cater to the families of coal laborers who were dependent on daily wages. After completing his graduation and LLB along with a stable job, he decided to work towards the betterment of these children. Soon he started his own school in his hometown. However the struggle to convince the families of these children was not an easy task. But his dedication paved him towards positive results. Today, he not only works towards educating the children but also giving them lessons about honesty as many of them were indulged into different malpractices. Starting off till 5th grade educational center, currently he has 3 educational centers with well-equipped facilities and is working towards building a junior college which would guarantee them a secure job.

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