Dharamveer Singh- From a Rickshaw puller to a successful entrepreneur

How often do we come across stories, which affirm the fact that hard work and determination are the primary constituents of success. One such man who confines this fact is Dharamveer Singh Kamboj. Inquisitive by nature, Dharamveer was fond of nature and learned alot about herbs in his early days and also while pulling rickshaw in the crowded city of Delhi. In 2004, he got an opportunity to visit aloe vera and amla processing units in Rajasthan, along with a group of farmers, through the department of Horticulture, Government of Haryana. Owing to his interest in this business and the high cost involved with it, Dharamveer decided to develop his own machine and by April 2006 was ready with his first prototype.

He further modified the machine and transformed it into a multi-purpose machine for processing several herbs and farm produce. A patent application has already been filed under his name for the multi-purpose machine. Through his arduous hard work and determination, Dharamveer has gone from being a rickshaw puller to a successful entrepreneur with an annual turnover of 40 lakhs.

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