Dhiraj Dolwani

In 2008, Dolwani, an M-tech from BITS-Pilani, decided to quit a career that spanned the IT and BPO sectors to set up his own company B2R (Business to Rural). It always troubled Dolwani when he saw the youth questioning why they needed to educate themselves when they had no opportunity to use the education.
By September 2009, Dolwani and co-founder R. Venkatesh Iyer had started the first center in Orakhan, Uttarakhand, with 20-odd employees. The company got its funding in February 2010 and growth post this was rapid. In two years, B2R had four centers doing back-end work for clients spread as far as the United States and employing close to 150 people.
At a typical Centre of B2R, young women and men work together in close proximity, sitting next to each other and chatting freely— something that is alien to the culture of the region. Local women aged 22-25 started working for the first time and became important earning members of the family.
The fringe benefits of B2R’s journey is what gladdens the hearts of its promoters. All these youngsters who would otherwise have headed to cities are earning and contributing to their own environment.

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