Dr. Uday Rajput

Dr. Uday Rajput, an MD in Paediatrics and the Director of the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) centre at the BJ Medical College in Pune boarded his flight from Nagpur to Pune. Twenty minutes into the flight, the doctor heard a woman calling out for help about a medical emergency. The staff informed the pilot who then used the PA system to ask if there was a doctor on board. Uday rushed to the man who had lost consciousness and there was no breathing nor a pulse which was a clear indication of cardiac arrest. He started the CPR and kept it for two minutes but it didn’t help. So Uday asked for an automated external defibrillator and started giving shocks to the patient’s chest which would make his heart beat again. The patient finally started breathing and his pulse returned to normal and he slowly opened his eyes. According to Uday, every person should know how to perform CPR. It can save lives, and we totally agree with this. This amazing story surely need an appreciation from all of us.

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