EshanBalbale – This 17 Year Old Bridged the Dreams, Kids Don’t Have To Walk Through Sewage to Get To School Anymore

Constructing a bridge across a fetid nullah, 17-year-old EshanBalbale helped the children of Sathe Nagar gain unfettered access to school. He now aims to build toilets in the same locality. Until last month children of sethenagar had to cross through foul – smelling nullah in order to get to school.

Eshan Balbale build a bamboo bridge connecting either side of nullah. Which was four-foot wide and 100foot long bridge and it took eight days to complete. As he visited the village as they explained him the problem and risks which the villagers had to face every day. And decided to build a bridge and as he states “I like to understand the problems people have and help them accordingly. It is a learning experience for me”.

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