Harsh Mittal – Who Fed Millions Of Hungry Children In Bengaluru

A staggering 194 million people in India go hungry every day. One in every four children is malnourished, making the country home to one third of the world’s malnourished children. Close to 3,000 of these die every single day, due to diet related illnesses.Yet, when these alarming statistics take on the face of those we encounter at every turn, we avoid eye contact, turn away, and look everywhere but at the person pleading for help.

One young software developer in Bengaluru, however, refused to turn away; Harsh Mittal. His solution to the daunting and all-pervasive challenge of hunger is astoundingly simple: cooking a little extra food in every home. Thanks to his initiative, underprivileged children and senior citizens across the city wait eagerly for the third Sunday of every month where they are treated to piping hot homemade food. Today, the group goes by the name Let’s Feed Bengaluru and boasts of an extensive network of donors and 750 registered volunteers.

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