Harshvardhan Kadam

Harsh is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Pune, and an alumnus of Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay where he studied Applied Art and Visual Communication. Harsh’s foray into the field began with graphic novels, of which the first one was published in the US and had received international acclaim and several accolades in 2007. Besides, he has also essayed the role of an art director for various animation and gaming projects.
In 2012, he organized a gathering in Pune that brought together artists from across the country to bring colors and meaning to the otherwise drab public spaces in the city, and this collaboration went on to become the Pune Street Art project. Every mural work that he has done is a reflection of the space and its people. Most of his works are hugely inspired by Indian mythology and spiritual sciences
One has to visit the premises to behold the magnanimous mural stretching over 320x7m. Laced with metaphors throughout, one can find episodes from the history of the city that have been ichnographically laid out.

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