Major Prateek Mishra and Vijay

This story celebrates the life of Major Prateek Mishra – who lost his life in 2005. It is the story of his undying commitment to the nation, it is also the story of a friendship that endured long after.
Major Prateek Mishra who served in the armed forces, was commissioned into the 7 Dogra Regiment. On 8 October 2005 parts of India and Pakistan were left devastated by a high-intensity earthquake. At that time, Major Prateek was posted in Uri and He was the commander of the post when the earthquake hit during which a concrete structure collapsed on him as he was getting out.”
One of Major’s closest friends was his boyhood companion, Vijay. Having grown up together, both boys dreamt of joining the armed forces together. While Major Prateek cleared the examinations, Vijay was unable to. In the excitement of their youth, they made a promise to each other – if something were to happen to any of them, the other would ensure that the parents were taken care of.
After Major’s death, Vijay not only honored that promise but continues to do so to this day. Vijay moved into my parents’ house 13 years ago and continued to live with them. Today he is married and has children of his own, but he still lives with them.

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