Nandlal Master

This Varanasi-based man is eliminating dowry, casteism, child marriage and much more in an interesting way. Having a strong dedication to educate the girls of the community and spare them from early marriages, he started a personal training center where girls learn various life skills like sticking. Nandlal started a group wedding programme in 2007 where he got 13 couples married at one place. He raised funds through his community and asked the guests to give gifts which can be beneficial for the newly-wed couple. The impact of his work is evident through the tremendous change Benaras has seen. Child labour has gone down by a great extent and the number of child marriages have reduced too. Girls have started working and benefits of MNREGA scheme i.e. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act are now being utilised by women, who constitute 35 per cent of labour force. In the future, Nandlal wants to engage the more privileged communities in his initiative and inspire them to organise weddings across different castes in a simpler way.

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