A lot of times, while handling responsibilities we forget the roots that gave us the strength to fight for it. Natha, who faced tough battles in his childhood made it sure to help his people back then in Jaigaon. He started working as a driver in Mumbai at the age of 18 to complete his graduation. His hardwork and dedication were the key factors that kept him going forward. But one thing that was always a trigger, was that, the youth back then in his village kept on moving away to cities due to lack of opportunities. He soon realized how important it is to make his own hometown independent. With the same motivation, he started working towards the betterment of the village and people around him. Right from working for the rights of elderly, people suffering from disabilities, paperwork relating to government services. He also made an attempt to get learnings for the policies that a person can use when in need. His constant efforts where the reason that he constructed toilets for 12 families. In order to communicate with the administrator he was elected as the Sarpanch, which helped him to provide his village with 24×7 water availability. Today, Jaigaon has a stocked water capacity of 4 lakh litres.

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