PC Musthafa – From a Coolie’s son to owner of a 100 crore company.

We’ve often come across many rags to riches stories, each having a different set of emotions attached to it. However, this man’s story has taken it to an all together different level, from a being a coolie’s son who failed in class 6 to becoming an engineer with a high paying job in the US to quitting his job and starting his own venture in the home country. Meet PC Musthafa CEO in charge of Marketing and Finance at “iD Fresh Foods”, who has become an Inspiring example to many of us.

Musthafa was neither a bright student nor he had any plans of starting his own venture, however, with little help from his Maths teacher, who also turned out to be his role model; he prospered in his latter academic years and completed his engineering from Kozhikode. He worked in various organizations in different countries such as US, Ireland and Dubai. Musthafa left his high paying job and returned to India to start his own venture with his cousins, where they started selling pre-made idli & dosa batter. From 100 packets a day to producing 50000 kg of batter a day in their plant, Musthafa has seen it all and has set an example for generations to come.

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