Prashant Nair: The IAS Official in Kerala has his own way of getting things done

They say evolution is the key towards achieving eminence and what better way to put this in practice than achieving excellence in governance. One such intriguing example is Prashant Nair: The District collector from Kozhikode, Kerala. Prashant has a cult like following with around 1,00,000 followers on Facebook and has optimally leveraged this asset by inviting people to clean the polluted Pisharikavu lake in the district. In return, he promised to pay them with Biryani and in response to this irresistible offer, people gathered in big numbers to clean the 57,000 square meter lake of water hyacinths and slush.

The IAS officer used funds meant for drought prevention to pay for the feast since the cleanliness of the lake was part of it. However, this is just another case of the collector successfully crowd-sourcing a government scheme. There have been many previous instances where Prashant has successfully crowd-sourced a government initiative. Now that’s what we call an out of the box approach, which makes Prashant an interesting man with an interesting way to accord with situations.

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