How far will a teacher go to make sure that their students don’t drop out of school? Mr. Rajaram shows us a true example of how dedicated a teacher can be. Many students found it difficult to navigate to school as the roads were risky and were cautioned of animals in the forest. This caused fear among many families which lead to them not sending their kids to school and made them work in the fields and do the family business. Rajaram was determined to change this thought of the parents and wanted to find a permanent solution to this problem. Help came to him the form of his friends Vijay and Ganesh who managed to buy a bus. The next problem was to find the responsible driver. Rajaram took the responsibility onto his own shoulders and got himself a driving license and started driving the bus and teaching at the school. He would pick the students up and make sure that they reach school by 9:30 AM. He is a Physical Education professor who also teaches Math and Science for students from 4th to 7th grade. Originally his school had one student at the beginning which rose to 50 in total from class one to class seven and now thanks to this masterstroke from Rajaram the total count of students in the college has risen to 90. We salute the attitude of this dedicated teacher and we also hope that many of us take some inspiration from him and do something for our schools as well.

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