Rajesh Kumar Sharma

A mere shopkeeper turned a teacher when Rajesh Kumar Sharma, started a makeshift school under a metro bridge where he teaches 39 children from a year, teaching here 5 days a week while his younger brother replaces him at his store.

These children come from a small villages near the Yamuna bank, they are children of laborers, rickshaw-pullers and farm workers. Parents wanted their children to work instead of going to school as they would add to the family income. He argued with the parents and persuaded many of them. Rajesh Sharma has been teaching underprivileged children in other parts of the city too.

When asked why does this he said, when he was growing up he couldn’t afford education because of the poor financial condition of his family. This is what led him to give others a chance at an education which led to the formation of this unconventional school.

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