Robin Raina

On a hot sunny day in June 2003, Ebix Inc’s CEO, Robin Raina, walked up to the roof of his 5-floor office building in Noida, India. Once there, his eyes fixated on the squalid slums, choked drains, and abject poverty all around him, standing in stark contrast to the sky-rises. That day, Robin Raina decided to turn his life around and work for the poorest of the poor.
He set up the Robin Raina Foundation in 2003. And in just five years, the foundation has adopted over 3,500 underprivileged children, is running multiple schools across the country, an orphan home in Mumbai, medical ambulances in Delhi, a cancer hospital ward in Pakistan and is building over 6000 concrete homes free of cost for the slum dwellers of Bawana in Delhi!. Out of a total of 6000 homes, the foundation has finished building and allocating over 2304 homes already.

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