Surya Sen Singh

Surya is a 31 year old Engineer, who belongs from kansaharia – village located near Uttar Pradesh. He moved to Lucknow for further studies and is currently working in Mumbai. After having a successful career, there was something that was bothering him. He wanted to tap on the issues that his people were facing, back in his village. Hence he started working towards eradicating problems of lack of education and also ways to improve the financial conditions of the families. Surya founded a school named Ajivam in Uttar Pradesh for children to obtain education. Around 30-35% of children were from the underprivileged background and the fees vary between Rs 200-Rs 500, based on their financial conditions. Surya’s family looks after the daily operations of the school. The school had 49 students in the start which has grown to 160 students and 9 teachers now. Currently he is working towards opening a public library to serve local communities by providing free and easy access to a broad range of knowledge resources.

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