Sushil Reddy

Sushil Reddy, an IIT-B graduate who constructed a solar-powered bicycle is creating records and the story of this energy engineer will surely inspire you. Sushil rode the solar-powered cycle across nine states in 79 days, delivering 25 seminars and covering 7425 kilometers. This resulted in breaking the Guinness and Limca World Record for the longest journey on a solar-powered e-cycle. This journey of Sushil which is known as ‘The SunPedal Ride’ was repeated by him in France and the US as well. Sunil wants to change the misconception about the financial viability of solar power. He feels not enough people have knowledge about the advantages of solar power and also about his project and plans to spread awareness through his ride in India and globally. Talking about his future plans Sushil plans on making his SunPedal ride an annual tour.

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