Tanishq Abraham – The Newest Child Prodigy

When we say, Tanishq Abraham is a child prodigy, we aren’t kidding. Son to software engineer Bijou Abraham and veterinarian Taji Abraham, Tanishq at the tender age of 12 has already three community college degrees to his name. At the age of four, Tanishq became a member of Mensa, the prestigious international society whose qualification for membership is a score of 98 or more on a standardised IQ test, he scored an impressive 99.9. As a five year old, Tanishq enrolled himself in the math classes offered by Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). He completed the entire course in an astonishing 6 months. By six, Tanishq had taken several high school and college level classes online and had enrolled himself in the American River Community College by seven. He passed the Geology and Astonomy courses with flying colours. He also has the unique distinction of being the youngest person to speak and present a paper at one of NASA’s conferences.

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