Thiyam Nandlal Singh

Nandlal Singh, a class 12th student from Imphal had always been fascinated towards technology and the way it functions. It was his keenness to know more about these things that always helped him to make new innovations. Right from repairing home appliances to electronic gadgets, he always tried new ways to get the things in place. Things changed for Nandlal when he constructed a robot, JON17, which was the most unique creation. Every component of the robot comprised of scrap materials like emergency lamps, electronic toys, DVD drives etc. The moments of the robot were programmed by the DVD drives, connected to a pair of syringes filled with water which functions as a hydraulic system. The robot can move forward, backward and sideways. Also the head can be rotated left and right, and the hands can perform some simple activities like holding objects, picking objects, etc. Today, Nandlal is a local celebrity in Manipur, as his innovation has been widely covered by many publications.

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