Yash Vir Rao

Real passion has no age. Yes it’s true; Yash Vir Rao is one such example for all of us. Practicing as a civil engineer for many years along with a decent job, Yash somehow realised that maybe he was not happy with what he was doing; hence he decided to quit. By that time Yash was facing a lot of financial crunch due to which he was overburdened and stressed. It was then, that he decided to learn music and overcome his pressure. Soon, he realised the power of music, and in the process of urging the government to promote campaigns for students to learn music, he came across students who were keen to learn music anywhere right from the streets to any footpath. Today, Yash is a mentor to many such students across the streets of Delhi, who happily take music lessons for a minimal fee of Re 1.

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