The festival season is here—that started with Navratri and will end with Diwali. During this season, you will not be allowed to eat non-vegetarian food as per Indian custom. Though this isn’t something new, but definitely is a serious problem for those who have a set protein consumption level. So, if you are cutting out meat or poultry from your diet, here are some great vegetarian replacements that will keep up with your protein intake level.


1. Protein Supplement :

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Many of you must have already considered this as an option and are already consuming it. The reason being that a single scoop of 30 grams of provides somewhere between 22-30 grams of protein, depending on the brand you consume. Protein supplement is easy, convenient and effective in all sense.


2. Paneer :


Paneer is unarguably the most popular food amongst vegetarians because of it deliciousness and high quantity of protein in it. A 100 grams of paneer gives you around 23 grams of protein. But, be careful while deciding on the quantity as it also contains 27 grams per 100 grams. So, calculate!


3. Dahi, Lentils and Peanut Butter :

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Though these eatables do come with a good amount of protein, but the carbohydrate to protein to fat ratio is poor. So, avoid loading yourself up with a lot of peanut butter as it supplies protein with a high amount of calories. Another misconception is that lentils are fuelled with high amount of protein. Well, they are NOT. Most lentils are primary sources of carbohydrates. So, keep a check on how you consume these.?

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