Things that one should definitely do on Janmashtami

1. Worshipping Lord Krishna:


Getting up early in the morning will help you in absorbing all the excitement vibes that are brewing around you on the day of Janmashtami. Start your day by worshipping Lord Krishna along with your family. There can be nothing better than taking blessings from Lord Krishna before any special occasion.


2. Have A Good Traditional Breakfast:


On this special day, invite your relatives to your place for a tasty traditional breakfast. Have dishes that are specially had on this day. Dishes like Sabudana wada, sabudana pakora, banana chips, farali cheevda etc are some amongst people’s favourite. Have light conversations with your relatives while eating these delicious dishes. AAH! What a perfect breakfast.

Have a good traditional breakfast


3. Help In Pre-matki Ceremony:


If you haven’t ever experienced the fun of preparing the matki ceremony, make sure you get down in your society and lend a hand to your friends this time. The pre-matki ceremony includes decorating the rope, by which the matki is hung. That includes attaching fruits, balloons, tree leaves, ribbons etc. One also decorates the matki and make the mixture that is to be poured in the matki. These activities are really fun to do, especially with your friends.

Help in Pre-Matki Ceremony


4. The Matki Ceremony:


Always be a part of the matki pyramid if you want to experience the best part of your day. The reason why it’s best is beacause its a mixture of your strength and trust accompanied by a lot of mischief. People tickle each other, pull legs and to make it tougher people use pipes and buckets to pour on water on the period. This is the only time you wouldn’t be ashamed of falling down.


5. Post Matki Dance:


After hundreds of attempts when the matki is finally brought down, you have BAND BAAJA awaiting for you. No matter how westernized one is, nobody can resist from the raw beats of these local drummers. That’s the time when you feel that music concerts can never be better than this. You surely wanna take a good nap after this celebration.

Post matki dance


6. Witness Grand Matki Competitions:


Once you have revived the energy from your nap, go out and watch live matki competitions. Wait, do not underestimate the power of human beings. What is so special about these competitions? you get to see humongous human pyramids of 30-40 floors competing for matki prizes. thousands of people gather around to witness these sights. If you don’t want to go out and feel like being home, you can watch these competitions live on TV.

Witness Grand Matki competitions


6. Finally A Happy Family Dinner:


After this long tiring day, any housewife or mother won’t be in the mood to cook food. Just give them a day off that they deserve and head out for a nice family dinner to end this special occasion of Janmashtami.

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