Are you low on budget, but still wishes to go on a vacation? Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered. These are top three cheap holiday destinations in the world you can visit without caring much about your bank balance.

1. Vietnam :

Image Courtesy: Asia Vacation Group

Even after the gained popularity among tourists from corners of the world, Vietnam is still a cheap travel destination. Unspoiled and undeveloped, the country lushes with greenery and sweeps with white sands. You can easily live enjoy a day out on £10 a day, which includes accommodation, food, transport and a bit of drinking. On this holiday, you will get a chance to witness the culture, art and history of the country, especially in Ho Chi Min city.

2. Cambodia :

Image Courtesy: Avantura

With accommodation as low as £2.50 and delicious food cheaper than that, Cambodia is the best place for holiday destination if you’re low on budget. Cambodia has been popularized by Southeast Asian, despite being feared to tread once. You can visit the world famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. While on the trip, visiting historical sites are must, without which the trip would be incomplete. This place was recently included in UNESCO World Heritage Site, and hence making it a must-visit place.

3. Bolivia :

Image Courtesy: Central Holidays

Popularly known as the Tibet of the Americans, Bolivia is a remote place, landlocked in South America. While on this trip, you’ll get an opportunity to wander along Calle Jaen for a jest of South American life under Spanish Control. In the country, you will also find a cluster of museums, including the home of Pedro Domingo Murillo- the person who lead forces during the La Paz Revolution of 1809. Bolivia is one of the cheapest places to visit for food and drinks, and a bowl of chairo, the famous Bolivian soup.

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