Most of the Indian television shows are still the same where daughter-in-law still crib about her mother-in-law or the other way round; actors still resurrect from their death for revenge; the mansions are yet not gone and what not. But, the positive side to this is that it has compelled many young custodians of content to gift audience with some spectacular TV shows on the internet. Let’s look at some of these:


1. Tripling :

Image Courtesy: The Timeliners

Tripling is a short web series based on a road journey of three disconnected siblings. This show will give you serious travel goals with your siblings. The story revolves around Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan, who are running away from personal struggles besides facing them. The captivating dialogue and the portrayal of the relationship between the siblings make this show relatable and realistic.

2. Ladies Room :

Image Courtesy: The Economic Times

If you ever think of: “Do you know what goes inside a Ladies Room?” The answer comes with this short, simple web series of six episodes. “Ladies Room” is a story of two friends—Khanna and Dingo—that takes you on a journey of their lives. The uncensored talks about poop, periods, pregnancy, and pot make it lively and interesting. Also, if you still think women fart rainbows and poop easter candy, the show is certainly not for you.

3. Permanent Roommates :

Image Courtesy: Next Episode

Permanent Roommates is a two-season web series about an odd couple and their relationship, It revolves around Tanya and Mikhesh, a couple that has been in a long-distant relationship for three years. But, what happens when Mikhesh prepares to move to get closer to Tanya and proposes? But, there comes a twist when Tanya realizes she’s not ready. What follows is a lot of fun, drama that will leave you spellbound.

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